Redbrook Bridge to Chepstow

Wye Valley Walk (12345678910) - Monmouthshire, Wales

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This final leg includes some of the prettiest sections of the Wye Valley, but also some of the stiffest climbs!

Distance:13.8 Miles
Est. Time:6 hrs 40 mins
Difficulty: Moderate 
Total Ascent:2041 ft 
Total Descent: 2051 ft 

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Chepstow Castle atop a river cliff

  • Some beautiful stretches of riverside
  • Tintern Abbey
  • Tintern Old Station
  • Eagles Nest overlook
  • Chepstow Castle

The Route go to top

On the opposite side of the bridge, turn right, walk back up-river a few paces then walk under the bridge to resume the riverside path downriver. Go through a narrow gateway and cross a ditch (there is no bridge). After about ¾ mile go through a gate and out onto a grassy section, which continues for about a mile. Pass a chalet/fishermen's hut. The walk takes you past Hael Wood (on the right). The meadow eventually tapers away and you pass through a gate, which delivers you onto an unmade road continuing alongside Hael Wood.
River Wye & Hael Wood

When you reach a road, turn right towards Whitebrook and walk up past Tump Farm. Just after Whitebrook Farm mount the bank on the left to join a footpath signposted Pen-y-Fan Green and Wye Valley Walk (no 'leaping salmon' on this one). The sunken footpath winds a lot to alleviate the steepness and eventually comes out to a lane, where you turn left, then follow the road round to the right. The track narrow to a footpath and turns left, then winds its way slowly uphill and turns left onto a partly made road, which then becomes a fully metalled road. A cottage on the right has built a seat into their garden wall for the benefit of tired passers-by; you may find this a welcome relief before you complete the climb.

Continue up steeply for a short way, enjoying the view to the left, then continue up a shallower slope. Follow the road round (ignore the footpath signposted to Bigsweir Bridge) and, at the top of Pen-y-Fan Green, turn left onto a bridleway. After about 250 yards the path branches off to the right and begins to climb again. When you come to a road, turn left and continue almost straight ahead on the road (the Wye Valley Walk sign is hidden on a telegraph pole!). Follow the road round, past another turning and past several house and a small pond.

Just after Moor Cottage, cross a stile and join the path to Cuckoo Wood. Cross a stream and go over a stile, then follow an avenue of pine trees along a ridge. Where the broad track turns right, the Wye Valley Walk forks left down a woodland bridle path.

The path goes past a cottage and crosses the Llandogo to Cleddon road. Go over a bridge just above Cleddon Falls and continue into Bargain Wood (avoiding the path that goes left to Llandogo). The path meets a tight bend in an unmade road, where you turn left to walk past a viewpoint (with a seat). Go past a bar-gate and join and unmetalled road; cross a stream and turn left onto the Llandogo road (avoid the Tintern road).

carved statues at Tintern Old Station Part way round a left hand bend, where you come to a wooden fence, turn right onto a woodland footpath. Cross a ford, then another woodland stream, go over a wooden footbridge and turn left onto a road beside the Botany Bay Scout Campsite.

Follow the road round past a pond, then turn left through a parallel bar squeeze stile onto a woodland path. Follow the path down for some way (avoiding alternatives to the right). Go down some steps and turn left, then right, and walk down to the A466 road. Cross this busy road carefully and walk down the Dockweir road for a few yards. Just before the River Wye bridge, turn right down some steps and continue straight ahead. Go past a rustic sculpture and on to Tintern Old Station (now a tourist attraction and tearooms). Follow the line of a miniature railway, past a small group of sculptures and on down almost to the river. Turn right down some steps and through two gates to join the riverside path (note that the river is tidal from here on downstream).

Cross two footbridges, go through a gate, then pass through a churchyard. Go past a hotel and walk along a walled lane to the main A466 road, where you turn left to walk into Tintern. After the Abbey Tea Rooms and the Royal George Hotel (Best Western group) and before Tintern Abbey, the Wye Valley Walk turns right up a small road (actually it is almost straight ahead, as the A466 bends left at this point). Follow the road round to the right, passing close behind houses as the road gradually diminishes. Continue up the track leading into Limekiln Wood.

tunnel on the pathFollow the track uphill, parallel to a stream. The road becomes a rocky track and, soon, you turn left over a footbridge. Go up some steps, then continue on the level to some more steps and then a short walk to a stile. Walk diagonally left across a field, aiming for a corner of the woods. Cross a stile and turn right. Two stretches of climbing (each about 100 yards) and a short zigzag bring you to the top of Blackcliff Wood, where you turn left and walk along the ridge. The footpath ups and downs and twists for about a mile, then doglegs right and left where another path crosses.

Pass a fence at the corner of a field and continue through the woods. A path on the left leads to the Eagles Nest Viewpoint, from where you can see right across the Wye and Severn Valleys, including both Severn Bridges. Continue ahead, passing a path that leads down to a much lower viewpoint; zigzag down and turn left just before a car park. Follow the main path down and turn left onto a track leading down to the A466 road. Cross the road carefully to the roadside viewpoint and turn right to pick up the path at the end of the car park.

Follow the path downhill, including several flights of steps. Cross a stream, clamber up a few rocks and continue round the wooded headland.

The path passes through a tunnel cut in the rock. Passing through Piercefield Wood you are close to the Chepstow Racecourse. The path drops very gradually down (with the occasional up) and remains in woodland. Beside a fence there is a good viewpoint looking across to Chepstow Castle (journeys end!).

After that viewpoint go up some steps and turn left through a gateway. Walk on a path between fences past a school, where you turn left onto a town road. Go past another school and, opposite St Kingsmark Avenue, turn left onto a footpath that leads you down past Chepstow Castle to the official southern end of the Wye Valley Walk.

Safety go to top

This section includes some of the stiffest climbs of the whole walk. But they are on good paths or roads.

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Chepstow - The Castle car park in Chepstow marks the official end (or start) of the Wye Valley Walk, but don't rush past and miss this impressive monument. The Castle is large and well-preserved and stands on a prominent cliff overlooking the River Wye. Chepstow also has an attractive riverside walk (opposite high cliffs) and and unusual bridge. The town itself is bustling and attractive and includes a number of other distinctive buildings, including a stone gateway higher up the hill.

view from Eagles Nest viewpoint
Eagles Nest
- Protected by stone walls and provided with a stone seat, this impressive viewpoint lies just a few yards off the Wye Valley Walk path. Stop and enjoy the view, which takes in the Rivers Wye and Severn and both Severn Bridges. 

Tintern Abbey
- The Old Station and the Abbey are both worth a visit (although the Abbey is beyond where the Wye Valley Walk turns away from the river - but the diversion is recommended). Tintern Old Station is what the name implies, but it now hosts a small museum and an interesting group of wooden sculptures. The tidal reaches of the River Wye end just above Tintern.

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