Stonehill Rocks to Mill Place Farm

The Railway Children Circular Walks (1234567) - Sussex, England

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A walk past Stonehill rocks, Weit Wood Reservoir and the infant River Medway and always within range of the Bluebell Railway.

Distance:1.3 Miles
Est. Time:0 hrs 40 mins
Difficulty: Very easy 
OS map: Explorer sheet 135
Total Ascent:164 ft 
Total Descent: 164 ft 

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  • The Bluebell Railway
  • Sussex woodland scenery
  • Weir Wood Reservoir

This circular walk begins and ends at Stonehill House (OS ref 383348) on Grinstead Lane between Saint Hill Green, East Grinstead and Tyes Cross, Sharpthorne. Stonehill House is up the hill from Whilletts Bridge, which crosses the western end of Weir Wood reservoir.

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Bluebell Railway stationOpposite Stonehill House, take the bridleway, which passes along the top of Stonehill Rocks, with extensive views over Weir Wood reservoir and the surrounding countryside. Continue along the bridleway for about 500 metres, until reaching a field.

On reaching the field, cross the stile or go through the gate, and turn right on a sunken track. As the track descends, follow the right edge of the field as its curves to a gateway. Go through the gateway, and continue on the right side of the field, and go ahead on a track as far as the old brick and stone bridge over the stream (River Medway). Cross the bridge and continue between farm buildings. This is Mill Place Farm (OS ref. 374348).

Go under the railway arch (Bluebell Railway) and turn left on the footpath through the wood. When the footpath reaches the surfaced road, turn left on the road. Where the road dips, and shortly before a rough flinty lay-by and double metal gates on the left, turn left onto a signposted footpath by a post-and-rail fence. Follow the path through the copse until reaching a stile. Cross the stile and ascend the steep railway embankment.

(Safety note: before crossing the railway line, stop, look and listen, to make sure it is clear.)
Cross the Bluebell Railway line and descend steeply to a stile. Cross the stile and follow the footpath through the wood. On reaching field, continue on the same line on a cross-field path, aiming for the pylon. To the right of the pylon, cross the footbridge, and go half left through a gap in the trees. Continue steeply up a cross-field path, to the highest point of the field. 

On reaching the edge of the wood, cross the stile or go through the gate; and retrace your steps along the bridleway along the top of the rocks, back to the road.

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If you have children or dogs with you, keep them away from the steep drops to your left on some sections of this walk. Take special care when crossing the railway line.

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Bus Routes

Check services and times with Metrobus at 01293 449191 or

No.82 Crawley Down/Crawley/Three Bridges/Haywards Heath.
No.84 East Grinstead/Sharpthorne/Crawley Down/Three Bridges Crawley (no Sunday service).
Other buses to and from Crawley Down include the No.624 Horley and East Grinstead, No.684 East Grinstead/Crawley Down/Crawley, 291 East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells, and the 391, 692, and 693 Crawley buses.
There is limited public transport at Kingscote - the 473 goes to and from East Grinstead.

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