The Railway Children Walks

Sussex, England

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A series of walks in the sussex countryside, devised in collaboration with, and always close to, The Bluebell Railway.

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steaming ahead on The Bluebell RailwayThis series of walks focuses on the areas around The Bluebell Railway, which runs between Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes in West Sussex. These are intended as family walks, rather than high-energy hikes, and the child-appeal is increased by the realisation that this was the setting for the popular film, "The Railway Children".

For those with the inclination, the 7 sections of the continuous route can be pieced together into a single route for a day or a weekend walk.

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Seven Circular Walks:

  1. Crawley Down
  2. Sharpthorne to Stonehill Rocks and return
  3. Stonehill Rocks to Mill Place Farm and return
  4. Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway station to Highbrook and returnĀ 
  5. Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway station to Horsted Keynes village and return
  6. Treemans & Horsted Keynes
  7. Freshfield and 'The Sloop' public houseĀ 

Twenty-mile walk in seven sections:

  1. Three Bridges main line railway station to Crawley Down
  2. Crawley Down to Kingscote
  3. Kingscote to Sharpthorne
  4. Sharpthorne to
    Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway station
  5. Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway station to Treemans Road, Horsted Keynes
  6. Treemans Road, Horsted Keynes
    to 'The Sloop'public house, Freshfield
  7. 'The Sloop' public house, Freshfield
    to Sheffield Park Bluebell Railway station

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Thes walks are all at low level and easy. They are generally suitable for family walks, but watch the distance where young children are involed.

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Bluebell Railway - This stretch of full-gauge rail line was preserved by the energies of one of the earliest railway preservation societies and has been a popular family attraction for half a century. The line runs through prettry Sussex countryside, driving beautifully maintained steam trains and rolling stock through cuttings, embankments and stations lovingly preserved since the axe fell on the British Railways' service in this area.

Acknowledgements - These walks have been developed by friends of The Bluebell Railway. Pictures shown on these pages are used by permission of the Bluebell Railway and remain their copyright.

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