Skomer Island

Pembrokeshire, Wales

SummaryGetting there

Close encounters with rare seabirds, stunning views, seals and the possibility of dolphins - a walk to take slowly, enjoying each step.

Distance:3.6 Miles
Est. Time:1 hrs 50 mins
Difficulty: Very easy 
Total Ascent:699 ft 
Total Descent: 699 ft 

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Razorbill on Skomer IslandThe highlights of this walk are the wildlife, and each visit will bring you new delights. Don't rush, take binoculars and keep your camera handy.

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May on Skomer Islandpuffin at The Wick, Skomer IslandThe paths are well-marked and signposted on this island and they mostly follow the cliff edges. Take them in either direction as you please. My preference is to take the clockwise route as it reachesmy favourite highlight ("The Wick") earlier. That's where the puffin burrows are closest to the path.

This is not a walk for exercise but for fun, relaxation and wonder. Take it slowly and stop frequently.

One warning - the only toilets are at the farm buildings in the centre (and there's no other cover!).

Stick to the paths. Respect the wildlife. Enjoy a memorable day out.

 the harbour at Skomer Island

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burrows litter the ground on Skomer IslandStay strictly to the marked paths as everywhere else is riddled with burrows (rabbits, puffins and manx shearwater). other than that, this is a safe and easy family walk.

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Martin's Haven - a small shingle-beached bay, surrounded by high cliffs, is the embarkation point for Skomer ferries. Ferries leave for the island at 10.00 a.m., 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon. A gift shop stands on the cliff top near the National Trust car park.
Be there in good time to catch the ferry as it is popular - especially on summer weekends.

Prices in 2009 were £10 each for the ferry and £8 for the landing fee,

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