Selworthy to Minehead

Somerset, England

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Starting from the classically pretty village of Selworthy this walk follows the South West Coast path back into Minehead.

Distance:5.9 Miles
Est. Time:2 hrs 50 mins
Difficulty: Easy 
Total Ascent:883 ft 
Total Descent: 1040 ft 

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  • The 'chocolate box' village of Selworthy
  • Sweeping views across Exmoor
  • Commanding views of the Bristol Channel from the South West Coast Path

Selworthy village, managed by the National Trust, is a striking example of classic rural beauty. This walk combines the photogenic delights of the village with peaceful paths through mixed woodland and a dramatic cliff-top section of the south West Coast Path. An ideal walk for Minehead visitors, I suggest you leave the car and take the 39 or 300 bus from Minehead to Selworthy turn.

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Cross the road from the bus stop and take the signposted road to Selworthy ½ mile (GR 914465)
Selworthy itself is at GR 919468. Walk around the clearly marked paths and enjoy this classically pretty thatched cottages and flower gardens.
[There is a Car Park just above the village, but this is a linear walk and you would have to come all the way back to collect the car at the end.]

Come out of Selworthy Green at the top end of the path at GR920468 and turn left on the public bridleway signposted to Selworthy Beacon and Bury Castle. Go through a gate and walk uphill through Selworthy Woods.

At a fork (GR 920472) turn left, still following the sign to Selworthy Beacon.

The path comes out of the woods and veers left, climbing for a short way further until you meet a road at GR 915477. Turn right onto the road.

At GR 926478 turn off the road left then, after a few paces, turn right to join a parallel footpath.
Near a cattle grid (which you can hear rather than see) go through a gate at GR 936476.
Notice another path over to the left, running almost parallel; strike across to join that path, which is actually the South West Coast Path.

Go through a gate at GR939476 to leave the National Trust area (Holnicote Estate).
Pass (and ignore) a path to the left marked "rugged alternative coast path" at GR945477 but continue straight ahead.

At GR948477 turn left, following the sign to Coast Path and Minehead Harbour. Follow the path as it twists its way down a hill then turns to run parallel to the coast.
Just before a gate turn left following the sign to Coast Path, Minehead GR 959477.

Go through another gate and continue down the hill.
At the back of a cottage follow the path right, then left down some steps, then turn right onto a track
After a short way the track peels off right (uphill) and the Coast Path forks left towards Minehead.

A short way further ahead the path again forks left.
The path comes out onto parkland at the edge of Minehead at GR 965476 and then joins the town road close to the Harbour. Continue ahead to the centre of town.

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This 6 mile walk is within the scope of most people of average fitness and does not involve any scrambles or serious climbs.

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Selworthy Greentea rooms at Selworthy Green
Selworthy Green the village of Selworthy (or Selworthy Green) is owned and managed by the National Trust but the houses are individually occupied. There is a guest house close to the village and in similar style. The gardens are beautifully kept and there is always a range of typical garden and woodland birds to be seen and heard around the village.

Selworthy Woods -  The path leads up through Selworthy Woods towards Selworthy Beacon (not a part of this walk). Wlaking throughthis mixed woodland you hear the sound of several small streams and many kinds of woodland birds. Bluebells, cowslips and primroses can be seen in season.

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